Inspection reports/performance tables

As an educational institution, East Riding College is subject to a rigorous inspection regime to ensure our standards remain high.

We were last inspected in December 2019 and received a positive report, which described the College as "good" overall . 

For further details, read the news item or download the full Ofsted report.

For our higher education courses, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) issued a very positive report on our higher education provision. To find out more, you can read the full report. 

The Department for Education publishes performance data about all schools and colleges in England.  You can view the performance tables here or take a look at the summary below.

Measure Qualification Performance National Average
Progress A-Levels -1.35 0
Attainment A-Levels Grade D- C+
Retention A-Levels 100% 92.5%
Progress Applied general -0.59 0
Attainment Applied general Pass Merit+
Retention Applied general 93.8% 90.4%
English and maths English -0.26 0.06
English and maths Maths -0.04 0.05
Destinations Stayed in Education 38% 61%
Destinations In Employment 40% 22%