Entry Level Three ABC Award in Reading and Writing in Spanish


This is a beginner’s course in Spanish intended for people who:

  • Have recently completed a 10-week introductory or ABC Entry Two Beginners course

  • Are returning to language learning but who feel they still remember the very basics

  • Have never learnt the language before but have spent a limited time in the target language country and feel they have picked up the basics of communication.

    You will learn the language you need for a visit abroad, whether on holiday or on business. Our aim is to make you feel confident and able to cope, reading and writing the target language in different situations you may find yourself in. 

What will I study?

A variety of topics will be covered are and could be taken from the following:

  • Formal and informal language
  • Personal information
  • Times and dates
  • Common signs
  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Shopping
  • Food and drink
  • Services and emergencies

At the same time we will give you the grammar foundations of the language so that you will be able to build on your knowledge of the language in future courses. 

How will I be assessed?

This course leads to a qualification but assessment is all portfolio-based and carried out in a very informal way, as part of normal class work. There is no examination involved. 

Entry requirements

10 weeks beginner course or very basic knowledge of the language. 

What next?

You could progress to an ABC Level One Foundation course. 

Additional information

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