Level One Diploma for Music Practitioners

The Level One is a foundation course which introduces and prepares learners for the key disciplines and practices which take them into the music industry, and ensure a successful career. The centre based at our Hull campus at St James Street, features state of the art resources including a working recording studio (used for our own record label) and a green screen TV studio, and offers genuine music industry training to allow the learners with little or no qualifications to begin to live their dream; be it an academic one or a career in the music industry. Their training and learning will include a compelling look at all major areas of the music industry where revenue streams exist, and the course is designed to progress onto the level 2, then level 3 courses to upskill and develop performance, entrepreneurial and/or academic skills which are designed to ensure success for the future.

What will I study?

The course will include some the following:


  • How to succeed in an audition
  • Instrumental or vocal skill development
  • Music composition
  • Performance techniques
  • Music business including brand and social media awareness
  • Recording studio use and practices
  • Music rehearsal techniques

How will I be assessed?

This is a portfolio based assessment regime over an academic year which presents projects which result in performances being videoed, or presentations being given which show evidence of research and practice through a period of time. It is entirely linked with learners’ career goals in the music industry, and encourages collaboration with peers and future music industry partners.

Entry requirements

A successful audition/interview

What next?

Learners are then encouraged to progress through, level 2, level 3, and finally either join  HNC and HND programme which is designed to launch their professional career, or move onto an academic career at university.

Additional information

To find out more about our music academy or to arrange an informal visit and tour of the facilities please email:
martin.jones@eastridingcollege.ac.uk, or call the tutor office on 01482 390971

For start dates and fees, consult the relevant course guides below or you can request a prospectus by post.

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