ILM Level Seven NVQ Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

This programme has been designed for senior managers with a high degree of autonomy for deploying resources and achieving strategic goals. The qualification allows the learners to develop their strategic management skills, providing leadership and coaching to other managers while also focusing on organisational performance and strategy.

What will I study?

Mandatory units:

  • Develop a strategic business plan
  • Execute a strategic business plan
  • Provide strategic leadership and direction

Optional units include:

  • Develop a business strategy
  • Establish organisational governance controls 
  • Shape organisational culture and values 
  • Manage strategic human resources
  • Obtain financial resources 
  • Lead the development of a knowledge management strategy 
  • Lead the development of a quality strategy 
  • Lead the development of a continuous improvement strategy 
  • Establish business risk management processes 
  • Promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion 
  • Design business processes 
  • Develop and manage collaborative relationships with other organisations 
  • Optimise the use of technology 
  • Manage product and/or service development 
  • Manage strategic marketing activities 

How will I be assessed?

Each candidate is assessed on their ability to perform tasks competently, and whether they have the correct knowledge and understanding to be competent at those tasks. The course is assessed through observations, underpinning knowledge questions and the development of a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate competence. Candidates will be provided with the course materials.

For more information about assessment, including guidance on marking, feedback and plagiarism, please refer to the HE Assessment Policy (section 5) and the programme spec for course-specific information.

How will the course be delivered?

The qualification is built around key tasks from the job role and is delivered in the workplace by a qualified assessor and involves working through the chosen units.

All programmes are led and taught by experienced teaching staff who are vocational specialists.  They are qualified, and often have extensive experience within the industry or the sector being studied. All teaching staff meet or exceed the requirements set by the awarding institute or body.  

Entry requirements

There are no prior entry requirements, but you must have an appropriate knowledge and understanding of underpinning principles of leadership and the management process. Your work role will provide opportunities to demonstrate competent performance in management and leadership at level seven.

A typical offer for this course would ask for the entry requirements to be met, however, all offers take individual applicants’ experience and qualifications into account. 

What next?

Further Higher Education courses.

Additional information

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