Level Two Award in Introduction to First Aid in Mental Health

This two-day accredited course under HABC introduces learners to the principles of first aid for mental health. Providing learners with an understanding of the basic concepts and tools needed to undertake the role of a first aider for mental health in the workplace. Learners will explore their own role in relation to the tools they will need to use to support an individual, how they are contributing to a wellness culture and how they can manage

The learner will understand the concepts of mental health, mental ill health and wellbeing, other related terminology and subjects. It aims to provide a learner with an understanding that all individuals have mental health and that an individual’s experience of mental health can fluctuate on a spectrum.

It also provides learners with an understanding of how to self-manage their own mental health and wellbeing. Understand how mental ill health affects the experience of individuals.  Describe risk factors that may cause vulnerability to mental ill health. Outline stigma associated with mental ill health.   Describe how stigma may impact on an individual’s experience of mental ill health.  Describe how stigma may impact on an individual’s experience of mental ill health Identify the signs and symptoms associated with the main types of mental ill health and mental illness.

If you would like more information please contact Jaqui Graham on 01482 390982 or email [email protected]

This course will be offered on 13 December, 9am-5pm


What will I study?

Activities throughout the course to help ensure you can understand the role of stress and stress on mental Health.  State why a diagnosis of mental ill health may not always be an appropriate way to respond to symptoms of mental ill health. Outline benefits and limitations of a mental ill health diagnosis. How to ensure procedures are put in place to ensure the wellbeing of people with Mental Health issues at work 

How will I be assessed?

A questioned written assessment.

Additional information

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