NVQ level two Multi-skilled Hospitality

The programme has been designed for people who are employed in roles within the hospitality sector; this may include reception, food and drink service and/or preparation. The programme identifies the required competencies and helps candidates develop and demonstrate these skills for effective operation in hospitality environments.

What will I study?

The course comprises nine units, two mandatory and seven optional from a minimum of 3 different option blocks, subject to the following:

Candidates taking units from option block C MUST include unit 2G4 within the total of 9 units

Candidates taking units from option block D MUST include unit 2G3 within the total of 9 units

Candidates taking units from both option block C and D need only include unit 2G3 within the total of 9 units 

Mandatory units:

  • 1G1: Maintain a safe, hygienic and secure working environment
  • 2G1: Give customers a positive impression of yourself and the organisation(ICS)

Optional Units: 

Block A - Reception Units:

  • 2REC1: Deal with communications as part of the reception function
  • 2REC2: Deal with the arrival of customers
  • 2REC3: Deal with bookings
  • 2REC4: Prepare customer accounts and deal with departures
  • 2REC9: Resolve customer service problems
  • 2REC11: Identify and provide tourism related information and advice

Block B - Reception Units:

  • 2H1: Clean and service a range of areas
  • 2H2: Work using different chemicals and equipment.
  • 2H3: Maintain housekeeping supplies
  • 2H4: Clean and protect floors
  • 2H5: Clean carpets and soft furnishings
  • 2H6: Provide a linen service
  • 2H7: Carry out periodic room servicing and deep cleaning
  • 1H1: Collect linen and make beds

Block C - Food and Drink Service Units:

  • 2FS1: Prepare and clear areas for table service
  • 2FS2: Serve food at the table
  • 2FS3: Provide a silver service
  • 2DS1: Prepare and clear the bar area
  • 2DS2: Serve alcoholic and soft drinks
  • 2DS4: Prepare and serve wines
  • 2DS5: Prepare cellars and kegs
  • 2DS7: Prepare and serve dispensed and instant hot drinks
  • 1FS3: Prepare and clear areas for counter/takeaway service
  • 1FS4: Provide a counter/takeaway service

Block D - Food Preparation and Cooking Units:

  • 2FP7: Prepare vegetables for basic dishes
  • 2FC7: Cook and finish basic vegetable dished
  • 2NFPC4: Prepare, cook and finish basic rice dishes
  • 2NFPC5: Prepare, cook and finish basic pasta dishes
  • 2NFPC6: Prepare, cook and finish basic pulse dishes
  • 2NFPC8: Prepare, cook and finish basic egg dishes
  • 2NFPC15: Prepare and present food for cold presentation
  • 2NP&C1: Complete kitchen documentation
  • 2NP&C2: Set up and close kitchen
  • 1FP2: Prepare and finish simple salad and fruit dishes
  • 1FP3: Prepare hot and cold sandwiches
  • 1NFPC1: Prepare and cook fish
  • 1NFPC2: Prepare and cook meat and poultry 

Block E - Generic Units:

  • 1G2: Maintain and deal with payments
  • 1G4: Contribute to effective teamwork
  • 2G3: Maintain food safety when storing, preparing and cooking food
  • 2G4: Maintain food safety when storing, holding and serving food

How will I be assessed?

Each candidate is assessed on their ability to perform tasks competently, and whether they have the correct knowledge and understanding to be competent at those tasks. The qualification is built around key tasks from the job role and is delivered in the workplace by a qualified assessor and involves working through the chosen units. The course is assessed though underpinning knowledge questions and the development of a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate competence. Candidates will be provided with the course materials.

Additional information

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