Spanish Advanced Three,

To further develop speaking and listening skills by using and understanding more complex structures in the past, present, future and conditional tenses.  To improve reading and writing skills by understanding and producing a variety of written texts using structures in the past, present, future and conditional tenses.


What will I study?

This course is suitable for the intermediate student of the language who wishes to continue their study, increase their fluency or expand their scope.  Special emphasis is laid on practical communications.  Learners will build on prior learning and will develop further their ability to take part in discussion.  Learners will extend their knowledge of the grammar, vocabulary and language functions whilst at the same time increasing their confidence through various activities aimed at improving their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.  Activities will include individual, pair work and group activity, based on topics, workbooks, articles, video and audiotapes.  The atmosphere will be relaxed and friendly.

How will I be assessed?

This is a non-accredited course with no exam at the end, but the tutor will monitor progress and give feedback.

Entry requirements

You should have achieved a good GCSE or intermediate level standard in the language or have the equivalent experience and knowledge.  You will have maintained your skills and be looking to increase your fluency and expand your scope.

What next?

AS/A2 Level.  Progression routes may be discussed with your course tutor.  For further advice and guidance please contact the College Guidance Officers.

Additional information

The tutor will want to find out as much as possible about why you want to learn and what you already know in order to plan a suitable programme.  The content of the course will be discussed and you will be given further details about course materials and other learning resources.  Any relevant paperwork will be discussed and completed at this session.  Please bring a notebook and pen.

For start dates and fees, consult the relevant course guides below or you can request a prospectus by post.

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