Spanish Improvers Step 1, Course Code K0385GXPEA - Delivered Online

To improve and or further the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing within a negotiated programme to include structures in present, past and future tenses.

To be able to describe, give opinions and extra information and cope with minor complications in everyday situations.

This course will be delivered online. Learners will need a device such as a laptop or PC or phone/iPad and an internet connection to take part.  Ideally, devices will also have webcams for full participation.  Learners will need to download the Teams app onto their laptop/PC or mobile phone/other device and devices will need to have a camera so that they can participate.

What will I study?

A relaxed, informal course for improvers. The course will cover the skills of speaking and listening, reading and writing. The emphasis will be on practical application with plenty of opportunity to practice speaking and understanding. Grammar will include the past, present and future tenses and topics may include essentials, general information, travel, accommodation, food and drink, shopping, services and emergencies. Learners will be able to suggest other topics to meet their needs and interests.

How will I be assessed?

This is a non-accredited course with no exam at the end, but the tutor will monitor progress and give feedback.

How will the course be delivered?

There will be a wide variety of learning activities designed to develop practical language skills in a stimulating environment.  This will include interactive games, listening comprehensions, tutor presentations, pair and small group work, and analysis of authentic materials such as menus and advertisements.

Entry requirements

Prior knowledge is essential. It may have been gained on a recent programme of study at beginners/intermediate level, at school pre-GCSE, have lived in a Spanish speaking country, or through independent private study on-line or open access courses.

What next?

ABC Foundation L1/L2. Progression may be discussed with course tutor. For further advice and guidance contact the College Guidance Officers

Additional information

The tutor will want to find out as much as possible about why you want to learn Spanish and what you already know in order to plan a suitable programme.  The content of the course will be discussed and you will be given further details about course materials and other learning resources.  Any relevant paperwork will be discussed and completed at this session.  Please bring a notebook and pen.

For start dates and fees, consult the relevant course guides below or you can request a prospectus by post.

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