College Students Take Part in National Inter-College Football Tournament in Loret De Mar

18th April 2006 1:37pm - Return to press releases

Students from East Riding College have travelled to Loret De Mar for a week to take part in a National Inter College Football Tournament.

Nine Colleges from around the UK took part in the tournament, which was arranged through Adaptable Travel.

The other Colleges involved included Enfield, Peterborough, Hopwood Hall, Regent, Stockport, Aylesbury, Merton and Huddersfield. The tournament took place over a period of 2 days, with an additional day set a-side for presentation ceremonies. All of the students stayed in the Salvamar hotel in Loret De Mar during their trip. 

The East Riding College team came second in their grouping in the first round, which qualified them for the quarter finals. They beat Merton College and then lost on penalties in the semi-final to Peterborough College where they were finally placed a respectable fourth in the competition. Enfield College was placed 1st, Peterborough came 2nd and Stockport came third. 

The trip was also treated as an educational opportunity for the students to visit Barcelona trip to the Nou Camp and the Ramblas.

Peter Fleming, College tutor said "The passion, commitment and dedication of the Colleges team was commendable. Every player worked for each other and played as a team. They were all well organised and disciplined. The success of this trip has ignited a passion in the team to go back next year to claim the title".


?This has been a great opportunity for our players to experience football at a new level by playing teams from across the country as well as going abroad and experiencing a different culture and way of life, this adventure will certainly remain in our memories for a long time to come?.