The Price is Right

22nd June 2006 2:13pm - Return to press releases

Health and Social Care Students are invited to the Price is Right.

A group of East Riding College's Health & Social care students were invited to visit Granada studios to take part in the popular television show 'The Price is Right'. A group of 13 year 2 students organized to wear bright pink t-shirts with a design 'our price is right'.

Alison White course tutor said "All the girls squeezed into East Riding College's mini bus on 25th May and after visiting various places, of interest including a swim in Manchester we headed for the Granada studios. After being seated each group were called in and we were definitely the noisiest, brightest and liveliest group there.

Amazingly, I was called down to the stage after much hullabaloo I managed to get through to play the final game (Easy as 1, 2, 3). I can assure you it wasn't as easy as that and I was like a rabbit in headlights. The students were great and screamed and encouraged me all the way. The evening ended with a range of prizes being won and a happy bunch of students."

For more information please contact Simon Foster, Telephone 01482 306612/306613.