East Riding College unveils exciting plans for Redevelopment of College Site

13th December 2006 10:27am - Return to press releases

Model of the new proposed Bridlington developmentEast Riding College has unveiled its exciting new plans for redevelopment of the St Marys Walk site in Bridlington. The College is proud to be leading an estimated investment of ?14m which will provide the people of Bridlington and north of the East Riding with a state of the art learning environment to equip learners for the challenges of the 21st century, and deliver the skills needed in Bridlington.

An outline planning application will be submitted to East Riding Yorkshire Council in January 2007, followed by a more detailed planning application in June 2007. If these are accepted the College is anticipating January 2008 as a start date for the development, with all work completed in time for a July 2009 occupation.

The planned redevelopments include a new, 6,050 m2 (65,000 ft2) two storey building, which will be on the open space in front of the existing College. Features of the redevelopment include environmental benefits through the use of re-usable materials and energy, relocated football playing area, safer pedestrian access and improved car parking.

Model of the new proposed Bridlington developmentThe College has held a series of events for local residents, staff and learners over three days to showcase the plans and a 3-D model of the proposed new building. These events have been well received by attendees which will be available for public viewing in the reception area at St Marys Walk. The College is committed to working with its neighbours and stakeholders from the local community to ensure the site both compliments and enhances the surrounding locality. Critically, the College has respected local views to the Priory church and will increase the screen of trees on the College?s boundaries to enhance the site. Further to this, the plans allow for better site access.

Derek Branton, the Principal of East Riding College said, ?The College places quality and standards of learning at the top of its agenda. This redevelopment will ensure that young people and adults alike will have a continued first class learning experience and have access to some of the best accommodation nationally at East Riding College.?