Connecting to Success - that?s Usman

14th August 2007 1:51pm - Return to press releases

UsmanEast Riding College is involved with the Aimhigher ?Connect to Success? E-mentoring programme. The goal of the programme is to increase participation into Higher Education throughout the Sub-Humber Region. One of the initiatives of the programme is to pair a Level 3 learner with a current undergraduate student. Learners (mentees) are mentored via email where they receive help, support and advice from their mentors as they work towards their aspirations to go onto University.

The programme has been a huge success and without the help of the wonderful mentors, it would not be possible. One mentor in particular, Usman Majed, was originally from Manchester but his family moved to Bridlington when he was 10. He attended Headlands School, then came to East Riding College and studied on various business and IT courses before enrolling onto the Access to Higher Education course. Usman said ?I started thinking differently about going to University.?
It was while on the Access course that Usman met East Riding College lecturer Ros Shepherd. Usman said ?Ros motivated me and she told me to work hard. I realised that if I didn?t work hard then I would be stuck with limited options.?

Ros continued to support Usman throughout his studies and she had a very big impact on his life. ?Ros was very kind, patient and understanding. She believed in me and was always there for me to talk to. I?d like to thank Ros for being such a great teacher and for all of her support.?

Ros equally had great things to say about him ?Usman was a very good student and I knew that he had the potential to be very successful. He just needed some direction. ?

With Ros?s help Usman successfully completed his Access to Higher Education course and he has just finished his first year at Hull University where he is majoring in Criminology. He eventually plans to become a forensic scientist.

When approached to participate in the Aimhigher ?Connect to Success? E-mentoring programme, Usman readily agreed because he wanted to help others. He currently mentors 3 sixth form students.
Usman has proven that anything is possible if you are prepared to work hard, have the right attitude and surround yourself with positive people. When asked how it feels to be able to help others Usman said that ?It makes me feel good.?