College Students' Sponsor Children

4th September 2007 9:18am - Return to press releases

A group of the care students involved in raising funds for Plan UK

The Health & Social Care and Early Years students at East Riding College, have raised ?500 for Plan UK which is an organisation who works with families, communities, and governments to improve the lives of children.

The students raised ?500 for Plan UK and with the money were able to immunise 10 whole villages in Nepal.

In addition to raising the money the students also sponsor two children, Sourou-Nere, aged 7, a little boy from Togo who enjoys football and singing and when he grows up wants to be a pop star! Togo lies between Ghana and Benin on the West African Coast with a population of 5.1 million. There has been a slow but steady economic decline over the last few years, leaving much of the population to live in poverty.

Children, especially girls have limited access to education and healthcare with only 17% girls and 36% boys attending secondary school. Child trafficking is a major problem in Togo. Plan UK is working with families and communities to ensure the children?s safety.

The second child, Nasma is aged 4 and is from Bangladesh.

NasmaBangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world with a population of 144 million. It is prone to natural disasters, notably devastating floods and frequent typhoons. Basic education facilities exist and since 1992 primary education was introduced in most regions of the country.

The most serious problems families face is the unsafe water and lack of sanitation. 80% of illnesses are due to water related disease. Severe malnutrition is also common.


Through the sponsorship programme the children have received a small gift each month from the students which has included a ball, a torch and a skipping rope. Water Carriers where also sent to help the families and members of their community.

In return for the sponsorship the students receive letters, notes and drawings from the children to give them an insight into their lives. They also receive annual reports on their progress.

Gill Cordock, Early Years Course Tutor said ?The students have been taking turns to raise money in their groups to send to Togo and Bangladesh. Some of the fundraising activities they have done have included cake stalls, competitions, car washes , picture quizzes and at Christmas time did jobs for the staff as Santa?s little helpers. They have thoroughly enjoyed the fundraising, and have been very creative in suggesting different ideas to raise money.?