Media Students make History

18th October 2007 1:50pm - Return to press releases

Students pictured are from the 2nd Year of the BTEC National Diploma in Media Course. Left to Right: Rachel Jones, Sarah Luedeas (Back row) Beth Aboe, Stacey Allison (back row) Amy Tuttle, Jonathon Webb, Ben Welborn, Domini Hebblewhite, Alasdair Scarlett, Gareth Sykes (Tutor)

East Riding College has been asked to participate in an exciting new project entitled "The Cage". The project will explore the experience of child slavery through the performing arts, art and design, and media, with students throughout the Humber region.

Although the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery has been celebrated; it is believed there are still 5,000 child slaves currently living in the UK. The objective of ?The Cage? is to highlight this very real and tragic phenomenon. The programme is being led by the well known theatre director and writer Adam Strickland who, with his team, has conducted extensive research on child slavery.

?The Cage? which is an Aimhigher funded project will address several different types of child slavery. They include child soldiers, domestic slavery, child sex slaves and the Siberian Gehenna. All of the ?performances? will be done in a specially constructed cage which is the central theme for the project and represents the concept of no escape.

Gareth Sykes, Curriculum Leader for e-media is leading the project for East Riding College. He has chosen the Siberian Gehenna. Gareth chose this project because, firstly, he is very interested in the Second World War and secondly because he felt the learners on the project could provide an alternative perspective through e ? media.

Very few people know about the Siberian Gehenna, which occurred during the Second World War. Between 1939 ? 1941, two million Polish people were taken by force to Siberia where they were forced to work in labour camps. Many of those exiled were children who were taken away from their parents.

Gareth Sykes, Curriculum Leader said "East Riding College are very honoured to participate in such an important project. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the media students who will be able to help change the lives of others while making history!"