Smoking Support

20th November 2007 10:58am - Return to press releases

Students at East Riding College have started their own Stop Smoking Support Group.

In line with the national campaign to support people who want to stop smoking East Riding College has started their own "Stop Smoking" support group.

Leading the group is Debbie Mcfarland from the Hull & East Riding Specialist Smoking Association. The students attending the group will meet for 6 weeks, working on Motivation, Preparation and Planning, Keeping Active Diet and Weight through to the final goal of You?ve made it.

The first class looked at the students smoking habits and how to change the smoking cycle. Each student took a Carbon Monoxide Recorder test which registered the levels of carbon monoxide in their body. A non smoker would expect levels of about 6 whilst levels of 38 were recorded within the group.

Many of the students attending have tried giving up smoking before but need the additional help and support that the group can offer. Reasons for giving up included wanting to improve their health and also the cost of the cigarettes, the money could be put to more essential living costs
and / or treats.

Tracey Heywood, Enrichment Officer said ?The support group has been set up as a direct request from the Learner Focus Groups, which has coincided with the first year of the no smoking ban and the College?s ?Being Healthy? fortnight.

Seven out of ten smokers have quit smoking with the help of the Hull & East Riding Stop Smoking Support Service.

Useful internet websites giving help and support to anyone wanting to stop smoking are: