Students Staying Safe

12th December 2007 11:11am - Return to press releases

PC Mathews and PCSO Anna Clark at the Staying Safe week at the Beverley site of East Riding College.East Riding College held an awareness fortnight ?Staying Safe? for students at the Gallows Lane site, Beverley and St Mary?s Walk at Bridlington.

The College is always proactive in raising awareness for their students and invited in guest speakers from several outside agencies to promote a safe lifestyle and environment. The guest speakers included Von Kelso from Women?s self-defence, PC Mathews PCSO Anna Clark and PCSO Liz Smith for drugs and drink spiking, Neil Eustace, Fire Officer, fire and road safety and Helena Moss, a Bridlington Community Engagement Officer promoting a safe environment.

More than 320 students attended the awareness information tutorials, showing genuine interest in wanting to improve their knowledge on the issues raised.

Drink spiking is on the increase affecting both men and women of all ages. PC Mathews and PCSO Liz Smith informed students of what precautions to take to avoid having their drinks spiked. They gave out spiker stoppers that are put into the neck of bottles to stop the drink being tampered with.

Tanya Lennox, aged 18 from Leconfield said ?After attending the presentation I realised that drink spiking is an issue in this area and how vigilant everyone needs to be. I have shared with my friends the information I gained from these sessions to heighten all of our awareness when out drinking.?

Louis Howarth, aged 16 from North Ferriby said, ?I feel Neil was a very good role model and outlined the importance of road safety and the consequences of dangerous driving. It was a stupendous presentation with some hard hitting facts.?

One of the most popular information tutorials was the self-defence sessions. Von Kelso displayed how to have a more positive, confident image when walking alone on the streets and feeling safe in the community with good safety awareness techniques and body language. She highlighted that if you walk straight with your head up and being aware of what is happening around you, gives the impression to others of your confidence.

PCSO Liz Smith at Bridlington at the Staying Safe week event.

Tracey Heywood, College Enrichment Officer said, ?The Staying Safe fortnight was very successful. The College wants to provide students with as much information as possible about being safe and more aware of the environment they live and work in. It is essential that we work with outside agencies to achieve this goal.?

The Staying Safe fortnight also coincided with the national anti bullying campaign, the theme this year is Cyber bullying including text messaging and email. Free wrist bands were given out promoting anti bullying.

The Staying Safe fortnight was a direct response to one of the outcomes from Every Child Matters. Every Child Matters is a government green paper in response to the horrific death of Victoria Climbe. The green paper promoted an unprecedented debate about services for children, young people and families. The Government?s aim is for every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, to have the support they need.