East Riding College Students Make Comedy/Horror DVD

28th April 2008 2:48pm - Return to press releases

A group of students from East Riding College have put together a grisly comedy/horror DVD as part of their extra-curricular activities.

More than a dozen people who attend the Skills for Working Life course at the College?s St Mary?s Walk site in Bridlington were involved in the making of Death.Com.

Between them, they came up with a script, performed, directed and helped to edit the film.

Death.Com is set at the St Mary?s Walk site and tells the story of innocent victim David Ashworth, 26, who returns from the grave to punish those who mocked him.

Punishments are tailor-made - giggling girl Kerry Akid, 18, is tickled to death while mocking hairdresser Nick Davies, 17, is strangled with his own equipment.

However, true friend Matthew Brown, 17, survives the climactic blowing up of the College - but for how long?

Nearly all the work was done during the students? ?enrichment? sessions where everyone attending the College can take part in extra-curricular activities, such as sports, paintballing, crafts and drama.

Enrichment tutor Becky Colman said: ?The students worked really hard to make this project a success and it was a joy to work with them.
?The end result is full of humour, frights and some star performances in front of and behind the camera.?

Narrator Randall Holmes, 37, said: ?I loved every minute of it,? while Nick Davies said: ?I liked the acting best.?

Learning support assistant Pam Scobie said: ?It was great fun to be involved in the making of this film. ?I was constantly amazed by the students? wit, inventiveness and willingness to have a go.?

The students designed all the credits. Computer enthusiast Lee Marshall, 16, found special effects for explosions and eyes dripping blood while a group who do craft in their enrichment sessions made severed hands and feet out of plaster of Paris.  Jonathan Varley, 22, produced storyboards for the opening scenes, Leoni Hall, 16, helped with props; Brett Adams, 16, was a cameraman; Jamie Firth, 17, made hands and displays; Charlotte Sharp, 18, made posters, hands and feet; Thomas Lawlor, 19,  and Sophie Verner, 16, made hands and feet; Michelle Crawforth, 36, Laura Ridge, 19, and Mark Coates, 17, made posters; and Skills for Working Life tutor Steve Lesko played a murder victim.

Travel course tutor Teresa Colman designed the DVD covers while media tutor Chris Thornton who is helping edit the film ready to copy.
Foundation programmes lecturer tutor Ronnie Risley and learning support assistant Meresa Jones supervised the making of the hands and feet.

Skills for Working Life is a course to prepare students for further education courses or for employment if suitable.
For more information about these courses or any others, call the College on 0845 120 0037 or visit www.eastridingcollege.ac.uk