Stunning New Images of £17m Development

28th April 2008 2:52pm - Return to press releases

East Riding College has today unveiled the first detailed images of its ?17m new development in St Mary?s Walk, Bridlington.

A five-minute digitally animated walk-through provides the first glimpse of the stunning interior of the new main building.
The walk-through takes the viewer into the two-storey open glazed atrium space, the students? cafeteria, restaurant, Learning Resource Centre, outdoor caf? area and a number of other areas.

The 6,200 square metre building will have 44 teaching rooms ? ranging from top-of-the-range teaching rooms with the latest in teaching technology to commercial areas like hair and beauty salons.

Facilities will also include an extensive Learning Resource Centre, which will combine library and IT facilities, and a new sports pitch with changing facilities.  The College has secured full planning permission for the scheme and the development will be open in time for the academic year which begins in September 2009.

John Doris, the college?s director of resources, said: ?This is the first time we?ve been able to show people just how impressive the St Mary?s Walk site is going to be. ?It?s a striking, modern building from the outside but people can now see it has a modern, well-equipped interior with everything our students need.?

Subjects taught at the new campus will include Construction Studies, Engineering, Art and Design, Humanities, Early Years and Care, IT and Business, Catering, Sports, Travel, Hair and Beauty, Foundation Studies and Key Skills. 
Many students will learn in real-life environments serving  members of the public. For example:

? The restaurant will offer lunch and evening meals and will include a continental caf?. 
? The Hair and Beauty department will offer a range of hair, nail and relaxing beauty treatments.
? The Engineering department will offer vehicle maintenance.
? People will be able to book holidays at the New Horizons travel shop. 

The existing buildings will be taken down when the new ones are completed. At the front of the building there will be a tree-lined paved area with seating.
The digital walk-through, and an animated external fly-by, can be viewed by going to and clicking on ?Redevelopment @ Bridlington?.