New College Build has green credentials

24th October 2008 11:43am - Return to press releases

The new East Riding College Build has Green Credentials

East Riding College has revealed the “green” credentials that will make its £17m new campus in Bridlington one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in East Yorkshire.

The structure, which will open in August 2009, is being built on the grassed area at the College’s St Mary’s Walk campus. The existing College buildings are open as usual during the construction process.
Architects have included a range of environmentally friendly features in the building, which include:

• Rain water harvesting will be used as grey water to flush toilets.
• Ground source heating to top up the heating systems and help cool the building in summer, saving on the amount of natural gas used to heat and electricity used to cool the building.
• “Evacuated tubes” to harness the sunlight and generate more heating support to help lower the gas consumption.
• Internal rooms fitted with light and movement sensors which switch off lights if they do not detect people in a room for a given length of time.
• The internal temperature will be controlled using a natural ventilation system so large heating boosts are not required on cold days.

Project manager Richard Sellick said: “The new campus will be a stunning building to look at and East Riding College is working hard to ensure that we have a building with a zero carbon footprint by investing in proven modern technology.

“The new systems will provide greater efficiencies that will last for generations.”

The college is also investing heavily in changing the way the College works to ensure greater efficiency in the use of the building and other resources.

It is intended to develop working systems and document managements systems which mean it is not necessary to keep paper copies or post information between sites.

A software system will shut down and PCs left on in the building when it’s not in use and new equipment that produces less heat and requires less power.     

The existing buildings will be taken down when the new ones are completed.

A digital walk-through of the new campus, and an animated external fly-by, can be viewed by going to and clicking on “Redevelopment @ Bridlington”.