College helps launch innovative road safety campaign

22nd November 2013 4:03pm - Return to press releases

Students at East Riding College helped launch an innovative road safety campaign aimed at making young people more aware of the dangers and consequences of reckless driving.
The campaign takes the shape of a series of posters and advertisements based on the format of a traditional fruit machine and is jointly funded by the TOM (Take One Moment) Foundation and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) with support from staff and students at the College.
The campaign focuses on four key areas where lives are still being lost because of the actions of drivers: Texting and driving, talking on the phone while driving, not wearing a seatbelt and being distracted by friends or loud music. The iconic new posters, which feature students from East Riding College, are being distributed across the region during national Road Safety Week (November 18 to 24).

Rosie Atkinson, founder of the TOM Foundation, said: “We hope this new campaign really hits home and young drivers who see the posters realise the danger they could put themselves and others in by these thoughtless actions.
“We are really pleased to have worked with Yorkshire Ambulance Service with this campaign and it means we are going to get the message out to thousands of young people across Yorkshire.”

Tracy Underwood, enrichment officer at the College, said: “The College is very happy to support and promote this campaign to our young people.  The students who were involved found it a very worthwhile experience and were all affected by the final images on the posters.”

Performing arts student Ryan Wilson, 19, who appeared in the campaign, said: “It is really important for all people of my age to be aware of the effects and consequences of dangerous driving. Some of the images will stay with me for a long time.”

Tracy Fairfax, community and commercial education manager at YAS, said: “It’s fantastic to be able to follow up on the success of the Take One Moment (TOM) Speed Dating events with messages to young drivers about the dangers of distractions whilst at the wheel.
“Society and advances in technology have created so many distractions for a young driver, which if they succumb to them may unfortunately result in disastrous and sometimes fatal consequences. “We are aiming to educate drivers about these distractions and get them to focus on the main job in hand – getting safely from ‘A to B’.”

The campaign was brought about off the back of the hugely successful TOM Foundation Speed Dating events, at which it was noticed that young people didn’t seem to be fully aware of the dangers associated with phones, seatbelts and general distraction.
In many cases young people talked about not wanting to wear a seatbelt as it could crease clothes and texting at the wheel seemed to be commonplace.