Student volunteers spruce up village hall

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Public services students from East Riding College have been volunteering to help decorate the village hall at Burton Fleming, near Bridlington.
The group of 12, who attend the College’s St Mary’s Walk campus in Bridlington, have spruced up the hall inside and out as part of the community-focused element of their course.
Learners on full-time further education courses at the College take part in work experience and volunteering to help with their development beyond what they learn as part of their course.
This results in projects every year in which students work with individuals and community groups or raise money for charity.
The public services learners chose to volunteer as a group and, despite nearly all of them working part-time outside of College, found time to spend three hours a week on the project.

Tutor Vince Brennan said: “Our public services courses aim to help learners prepare for careers in the armed forces and uniformed services so it’s essential they develop as people outside of the classroom.
“Volunteering for local groups and charities is an excellent way of developing a greater understanding of the community and interacting with people, just like they will need to in their working lives.”
He added: “This group wanted to show that the young people in Bridlington could be trusted to put something back into the community under their own direction.
“Our students really put a lot of effort into their volunteering at Burton Fleming Village Hall and they should be proud of what they have achieved there.”

The project began with the interior storeroom floors and then expanded onto the preparation of the outer woodwork, windows and doors which needed to be sanded down. They went on to undercoat, ready to be painted, again in their own time.

East Riding College is now accepting applications for public services and other courses starting in September. To find out more or to apply, go to or call 0845 120 0037.


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