Students report on engineering visit to Rosti Automotive

12th February 2018 9:52am - Return to press releases

Students report on engineering visit to Rosti Automotive

Student Blog

As part of our L3 Engineering course we took a trip to Rosti Automotive in Pickering. Here we had a talk with some of the mangers and John Pendleton, Managing Director about what the company does, the machines it produces and opportunities it provides for people going into engineering. Rosti are a family run company originally based in Sweden and they have four manufacturing facilities within the UK as well as a Design and Development centre in Leamington Spa. 

There was a 'Question and Answers' session where the exciting opportunities for apprentices and graduates in the automotive industry were discussed.

 We were then given a guided tour of the Pickering site in small groups. During the tour we were able to witness the investment in modern plant and machinery. In particular, we were shown the sophisticated robotics and control systems and were introduced to the first Rosti Automotive collaborative robot. We were shown the process the products go through from the start, to the finished product. Each production line was different and every employee was given a certain part of the production line to do and complete in the set time. We learnt how about the importance of time keeping and the fines the company can get if the production is held up.

 Overall, it was an interesting visit which gave me a great insight into the working world of engineering and the chance to learn more about Rosti and the opportunities it provides.