Creativity Matters - End of Year Art Show

30th June 2018 2:52pm - Return to press releases

Creativity Matters - End of Year Art Show

Take a 360° tour of our Art & Fashion End of Year Show

East Riding College’s end of year Art and Fashion show Creativity Matters was held in June. Several workshops and classrooms turned into exhibition spaces at the College campus on St Mary’s Walk, showing off a selection of artwork, designs, sculptures, photography and fashion projects produced by the College’s students.

The exhibition was held alongside the Action Shots exhibition, a series of work produced by school pupils from Bridlington who took part in a short introductory photography course run at Bridlington CYP by professional sports photographer Leo Francis. It was organised to encourage young people to consider higher education and encourage them into the arts.

The opening night was attended by the mayor and mayoress, Cllr Colin Croft and his wife Cllr Bridie Croft alongside deputy mayor Cllr Mike Heslop-Mullins.

Tracey Murray, Head of Art & Design at the College said, “I think it’s fair to say the students have produced another excellent and inspiring show this year.  The dignitaries and the students’ families who also attended the opening night were all very impressed with their work.  Bridlington has a small but lively arts community, and it’s great to see the new talent emerging in the town being recognised and celebrated in this way.”

Art student Amanda Harvey, from Bridlington said, “I’ve always sketched and drawn but never pursued it further until now, having two young kids at home.  When I came back as a mature student, I was intimidated at first as the last time I was at school was 17 years ago.  But the tutors and the other students welcomed me with open arms, and it’s very different to school.  I would recommend it to anyone – don’t hide your talents behind normal day to day life!  I work in a kitchen at a school and I’m sure there’s loads of other people in the same kind of position who could be exploring their creativity.  As art students we’re given a lot of freedom to choose our own direction, do our own research and learn about new techniques and materials along the way.”

Next year will see the first exhibition of the College’s new HNC Fashion students, a university-level course now offered at East Riding College’s Bridlington campus. For more information about the new HNC Fashion or our other art, design and fashion courses, check out the course pages.