End of year performance draws in the crowds

21st June 2018 2:25pm - Return to press releases

End of year performance draws in the crowds

Students from the performing arts department put on a suberb end of term performance of Rydell High at the Parkway Cinema in Beverley in June.  The 17 students and their tutors worked their socks off to pull together a fantastic performance featuring songs from the musical Grease.  The students were supported by their peers on the media course, who operated sound and lighting and provided technical and stage help.  Even the construction and art students got in on the act, helping with set construction and design!

All the students played their parts admirably, with some covering multiple roles and making the most of supporting roles, whilst others pulled off standout performances as part of the main cast.  The audience were buzzing with excitement and the feel-good factor was high after the special one-off performance at the theatre in the Parkway Cinema in Beverley.

Audience member Denise Rose from Hull said, "Tonight's performance was excellent - the students really excelled themselves this year, and you can see the work that's gone into it right up there on stage."

Ellen Cutting from Beverley said, "I thought it was very professionally done.  The casting was good too, they got the right people in the right roles and because you could see their enjoyment, you were drawn into it."

Tracey Murray, Head of Curriculum for the area, who also made a cameo appearance as Blanche the secretary said, "I'm so, so proud of all the students and their tutors and what they've achieved.  The performance went without a hitch and that's down to the enormous amount of hard work the students and staff put into rehearsals whilst approaching the end of term, which is a very busy time for both students and staff at the College.  I can't wait to see what they come up with next year!"


Ve - Georgina Cullen

Sonny - Christopher McEvoy

Sandy - Lily Brown

Rizzo - Eloise McConnell

Putzie - Callum Godwin

Coach Calhoun - Naomi Moyler

Cha Cha - Lauryn Ellis

Blanche - Tracey Murray

Principal McGee - Katie Harrison

Patty - Mandy Carr

Danny - Maxwell Smales

Doody - Marni Allen

Eugenie - Lisa Muser

Marty - Lily Greenwood

Kenickie - Alex Hannah

Frenchie - Charlotte Dale

Flick - Katie Jensen

Jan - Amy Rigg