Students say ‘Sí’ to Spanish

7th September 2018 4:31pm - Return to press releases

Students say ‘Sí’ to Spanish

Students at East Riding College in Beverley are loving their language courses and want to encourage more people to enjoy the benefits that learning a language can bring. 

Paul Staniford of Stanifords Chartered Surveyors and his wife Jillian both attend Spanish classes at the College.  They like to holiday in Lanzarote regularly, and joined the class in order to be able to communicate better with people when on holiday.  Paul said, “The course has been superb and has benefitted us in so many ways.  It has given us the confidence and ability to communicate on holiday and be able to order meals and drinks and even dispute a speeding ticket!”

 David Parker, a retired record produced and songwriter from Hornsea also holidays in Spain and thought it would be good to learn a language.  He said, “I'm 70 and read somewhere that one should take precautionary measures to deter the possible onset of dementia. The main two suggestions were: learn an instrument and a foreign language. So I chose shamanic flute and Spanish!  I enjoy the challenge and look forward to traveling to Beverley once a week. Our class is a mixture of different age groups and occupations and we have become good friends, enjoying the occasional drink or meal together. I've found it most rewarding.”

Tony Pennock, the first team coach at Hull City Football Club lives only a stone’s throw from the Flemingate campus and also studies Spanish.  He wanted to do the evening course because it would help him both socially and professionally.  He said, “I have always wanted to learn another language and as I work with a number of Spanish speaking staff and players I felt that Spanish would be perfect. I must say that I never imagined I would get as much out of the classes as I have and although I have found them tough they are very rewarding.  They have given me the urge to learn more and maintain my education, although I am aware that it will take me a long time to be able to fully understand the language.  I have to pay special credit to our tutor Nancy who has been extremely patient with all of us and has pitched the lessons perfectly.” 


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