Former College student wins Copper Saucepan Competition

9th October 2018 1:33pm - Return to press releases

Former College student wins Copper Saucepan Competition

A recent graduate of the College Helen Mayoh from Beverley won the Copper Saucepan cooking competition at this year’s Beverley Food Festival. Helen works at AAK UK Ltd in food development and recently completed a level 2 diploma in professional cookery.

Helen said, “It is a huge honour to win this long standing competition, especially with the high quality of the other competitors. Cooking and working with food is something I do every day at work, but it’s amazing to get the feedback from the judges and top chefs in the local area.  Studying at the College has helped me to refine my cooking skills into true chef skills, from flavour balance in dishes and menu construction, to presentation skills and textures.  I use these new skills every day at work, and at home when cooking for friends and family.”

Husband Paul Mayoh and son Harry were very proud of Helen’s performance.  Paul said, “We tasted Helen’s dishes when she practised, they were good.  Harry liked the meringue.  I don’t think she was that phased by the situation, she’s around food, she knows what she’s doing, it’s just the timing that’s difficult.”

Helen’s parents were also in the audience at the Food Theatre to cheer her on.  Her mum Sue Cowling said, “She’s been absolutely amazing, she’s practised and practised, but to cook on stage must be added pressure.”

Dad Peter added, “We’re so proud.  She’s always been into cooking as a hobby and as a family we’re into food and nutrition.”

The Copper Saucepan final was judged by another ex-student TV chef and food writer Peter Sidwell, as well as chef tutor David Leaf. 

Current students helped out in the prep area, including Donna Hines from Driffield and Louise Barrett from Lockington.  Both are mature students on the level 2 in professional cookery course. Donna said, “It’s a great event.  I enjoy good food, I’d like to be better at cooking it myself and make it into a career eventually.”

Louise said all the students appreciated the opportunity to help out at the Food Theatre and “witness first-hand what happens behind the scenes at this kind of event.”

East Riding College also had a stall to promote its new pop up restaurant scheme.  Elwell’s, the College’s restaurant and training kitchen at Flemingate can be hired for evenings or weekends to be used by chef entrepreneurs as a pop-up restaurant. 

To discuss hiring opportunities call 01482 390705.