Student display commemorates centenary

7th November 2018 5:48pm - Return to press releases

Student display commemorates centenary

Students from East Riding College in Beverley worked together to create a display to remember  the fallen soldiers of World War I and commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War. 

The installation is entitled We Remember Them and was created by students and staff from the vocational studies, public services and construction curriculum areas.

 It is made up of poignant silhouettes which were drawn up and cut out on paper by the vocational studies learners and then made into wooden statues by students from the public services department, with construction’s help.  The poppies that adorn the display were hand made by the vocational and public services students from recycled plastic bottles.  Each one is individually painted to resemble the symbolic flower.  

 Lee'Ann Reed, tutor for Level 1 Introductory in Vocational Studies said, “The project generated a lot of discussion about the sacrifice soldiers from across the Commonwealth had made, and in some cases, students shared their own experiences of war or how their own lives related to the project.” 


Students commented that: 

The activities made everyone communicate about different religions and beliefs and different wars.”

Ellie Larvin, 19 from Beverley

 “It was a thoughtful project to do and we enjoyed it.”

Charlie Stocks, 18 for Hull



It helped us to learn about people who lost their lives and fought in the war.”

Megan Rhodes, aged 20 from Hull 

 “It was a lovely project and made you think about those who gave up their lives for us.”

Zara Flatter, 18 from Cottingham

It made me realise how brave people are.

Emily Sutherland, 19 from Thorngumbald


Flemingate neighbours Wilko also helped out by donating the paint to create the dramatic silhouettes.