Christmas Story Writing Competition Winner

8th January 2019 4:54pm - Return to press releases

Christmas Story Writing Competition Winner

Congratulations to Efe Ogbevoen, winner of our Christmas story writing competition.  Students of GCSE and Functional Skills English were encouraged to enter a short story writing competiton, choosing one of three Christmas-themed titles.  Every story had to include: Alliteration, a simile, a rhetorical question and dialogue.  Efe, who studies level one English has shown herself to be a great talent and to have a bright future ahead! Well done to everyone who entered. Read Efe's story...



A Christmas Miracle: The Young Snow Wizard

By Efe Ogbevoen


Outside a small house, there was snow falling down from the dark sky. The thick and white substance covered the roads and houses in the neighbourhood. Its freezing temperature would have been a white heaven – except that it was more heavy than expected.

 Inside the small snow-covered house was a young teen. His hair was yellow as a bright star, with eyes black as night. The teen wore blue pyjamas with white polka dots and a pair of light pink slippers. This young teen’s name was Bruno. He was a wizard with winter magic, inherited from his father.

 “Great, just great.” The teen wizard sighed to himself. Earlier today, he tried a magic spell because he wanted to make a Christmas miracle. Sadly, it rarely snowed in his country so Bruno bought a magic scroll… although, it ended very badly. How did it end? It made the whole town suffer through a horrible blizzard.

 Bruno looked down with guilt written on his face. Perhaps Christmas this year wasn’t going to be good at all for anyone. He sat near the window silently, close to tears…

 Until someone came through the door.

 “What’s the sad face for, young chap?” A feminine voice piped up. Bruno turned around, only to be surprised with seeing his mother. Bruno’s mother, Marie, had wavy black hair. Her eyes were a beautiful blue colour with a glimmer of joy and glee. She was wearing a navy blue coat with large black trousers.

 Bruno jumped up from surprise, then hugged his mother. “Mother, I’m sorry…”

 “Sorry for what?” Marie raised her eyebrows at Bruno’s apology. A confused expression flickered on her face for a small moment.

 “… I w-wanted to m-make it s-snow for a special C-Christmas.” Bruno stammered nervously. He let out a small wail of fear that his mother might yell at him for doing such a disaster like this. “But I’ve made a blizzard instead!”

 The mother of the teen wizard stared at her young son… but gave him a hug instead of a shout. “Sweetheart… you don’t need to be so upset.”

 Bruno sniffled and blinked. “R-really?”

 Marie nodded with a cheeky grin. She does love teasing her son sometimes, but doesn’t go harsh or over the top with it. “Yes. You’ve made your mother very happy, along with many children too.” She pointed at the window for Bruno to see. The teen wizard looked through the window…

 Outside the house were many young children playing in the snow. Some were making various snowmen, with different scarves and different hats. Others were making snow-angels on the ground, along with having snowball fights. There were even kids playing hide-and-seek with their parents outside!

 The teen wizard’s eyes widened, then a smile of hope stretched on his face. “T-They really do. I’m glad that I’ve made people happy with the snow spell. Can we go out to play?”

 Marie nodded to her son Bruno. “Sure, but there’s one thing you need to do first.”

 “Which is what?” Bruno asked gently.

 Marie looked serious, but in a joking way. “Clean your bedroom!”