Jodie named apprenticeship recruiter of the month

20th October 2020 12:13pm - Return to press releases

Jodie named apprenticeship recruiter of the month

East Riding College for Business apprenticeship recruiter Jodie Koplick was named Recruiter of the Month in September by Get My First Job, the website used by young people to find apprenticeship vacancies.  The College has used the website since 2016 and has been recognised for offering an excellent candidate experience from advert to placement.   

Jodie was once an apprentice herself and is now the first contact for most apprenticeship applicants to the College.  She helps those interested in an apprenticeship find the right post, prepare for interview and sit initial assessments to get them on the right track in their qualifications.

Jodie said, "We keep our adverts up to date and check that they incorporate what the qualification entails as well as what the candidate would be expected to carry out within the employer premises. We often go through the adverts and refresh them if they are not getting our employers the right levels of interest.  I ensure that anyone that has applied is contacted promptly and has an interview with the business development team, which gives them the opportunity to apply for other vacancies at the same time if they wish.”

The College has seen a huge upsurge in new apprenticeship vacancies recently, demonstrating a quick recovery from the relative lows of lockdown, when some employers stopped advertising for apprentices due to growing uncertainty and restrictions placed on some industries such as hospitality. 

Jodie said, “The bounce back has been tremendous, and very encouraging for the economic recovery of our region.  Our biggest challenge at the moment is the ongoing restrictions as a result of the pandemic. We’re constantly reviewing and adapting our approach, to ensure we get the best outcomes for our candidates and employers.  We have had to move interviews online, which can make it more difficult to capture the true characteristics of a candidate. However, we have overcome this by adding extra questions to our general interview process, which allows us to understand candidates better and determine how they may react in certain situations, for example."

All East Riding College apprenticeship vacancies are published to Get My First Job and can be accessed via the college website:

Employers can contact the College’s business development team on 01482 390888.