College helps businesses with mental health awareness through funded training

25th March 2021 3:02pm - Return to press releases

College helps businesses with mental health awareness through funded training

Ellie Burdett from Reality Solutions has recently undertaken the Level 2 Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing Programme through Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) and ESF funded programme, meaning the training was delivered for free. Ellie was trained in mental health awareness to help her understand mental health within the workplace and to enable her to put procedures in place to help members of her team and the wider company.

The course was adapted due to the lockdown restrictions so participants were able to complete in the comfort of their own home or workplace and have virtual teaching from the tutor during the duration of the course.

Ellie said “I loved being back in a 'school' environment, we were given posters, helpful documents, useful facts and the company of the tutor Jaqui who was extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind to us.”

On completion of the course Ellie said “The skills I have learnt have been great. They have allowed me to start putting in policies, procedures and a generally better culture of work for our own teams to ensure that mental health and wellbeing is at the forefront of what we do for them. I think moving forward, they will feel more confident, and have more awareness if these issues do apply to them”.

Since leaving the project Ellie has put together a series of documentation for her team to help them to be aware of their own stress and help the organisation to notice it also, helping to maintain a healthy happy team. 

She added, "I am definitely looking at completely more training in the future, not only for me but courses that may be applicable for other departments. I think taking some time out to broaden skills in this sort of environment is so important for us, we are a company that is expanding, so our knowledge needs to also."

To find out more about SSW check out what's on offer on our ERC for Business website