Higher Education policies

Information relating to higher education study

Admissions and Admissions Appeals

The Admissions and Admissions Appeals code of practice ensures that we have a reliable, fair and inclusive admissions system.  This code of practice will apply from September 2021.  You can download an Admissions Appeal form if needed.

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning Policy aims to ensure high quality learning, teaching and assessment and to enable all learners to achieve to the best of their ability.

Academic Misconduct & Academic Appeals

The HE Academic Misconduct Policy ensures that assessment on HE programmes meets the requirements of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education.  You can also download an Academic Misconduct Allegation Form and a Developmental Engagement Form (for staff use). 

The Academic Appeals Policy and the HE Assessment Policy ensure that all learners have access to a fair and transparent assessment process.  You can also download a Student Appeals Form and a Decisions Outside of Regulations Request Form

Fitness to Study

View the Fitness to Study policy.

Fitness to Practise

View the Fitness to Practise policy.

Student Engagement Framework

View the Student Engagement Framework.

Concerns and Complaints

The HE Concerns and Complaints code of practice explains how to make a formal complaint or highlight areas of concern in relation to the delivery of HE provision.  This process does not cover academic appeals.

Validation, Amendment and Closure of Programmes

The Validation and Amendment of Higher Education Programmes Code of Practice provides clear information about the validation, amendment and closure of programmes and the HE Student Transfer and Accreditation of Prior Learning guidance sets out the arrangements for students to transfer between providers.  Download the Accreditation of Prior Learning Application Form.  

Deliberative Committee Structure and Continuous Improvement in Quality

View the Deliberative Committee Structure and Continuous Improvement in Quality policy

Scholarship and Research Framework

View the Scholarship and Research Framework policy

Board of Examiners and External Examiners

View the Board of Examiners and External Examiners policy

Assessment of Students

View the Assessment of Students policy

Ethical Approval

View the Ethical Approval policy

Recognised Teacher Status

View the Recognised Teacher Status policy


Data and Published Information

The Data Handling, Security and Communications policy ensures that all users of College ICT systems understand the way in which their personal information is handled, their obligations under the Data Protection Act and the protocols and principles governing security of College Data, communication and network systems.

The Published Information and Consumer Protection Code of Practice details the specific measures taken by TEC Partnership in relation to the information published about its higher education provision.  You can also download a CMA Programme Information Form (for staff use).

The Intellectual Property Rights Policy details the protection of intellectual property produced by higher education students.


Other policies relating to fees and charges and equality are available on the general policies page

Our terms and conditions are also available to download on the Information for Higher Education Students page.