Full-time course on-line application form


Guidance notes on the completion of this application form

You should complete this form for a full-time further education course. Your application will be acknowledged within two working days. 

If any details of your application change after you have submitted it, please inform central admissions.

Personal Details

Have you been an East Riding College student in the last year?

Site (please consult the course page on this website or the relevant course guide to find out at which site your course is available): *

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Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence of a violent or sexual nature or involving the supply or use of illegal substances? *

If you answered Yes, you are required to complete a criminal convictions form, unless you have already provided details. If applying for a course leading to work with children (under 18) or vulnerable adults please provide information on any spent convictions or cautions.

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Have you been ordinarily resident in the UK or other EEA country for the last three years?