Advanced Level Courses

You can pack even more into your time at College by taking an A-level and other extra qualifications alongside your principal level three vocational course, or by combining A-Levels, BTECs and other level 3 courses to suit you.

You can even study at both East Riding College and Headlands School.  

With our combined offer, you can:

  • Earn extra UCAS points to help you get into your first choice university
  • Improve your chances of getting a job by learning the skills employers look for
  • Expand your area of expertise to give yourself more options in the future
  • Study both academic and applied subjects to give yourself an excellent foundation for further study

For example, if you want to progress to a degree in sport science you might consider including an applied science or extended project qualification to your BTEC or A-Level studies. 

Combining advanced level courses

Joint offer blocks 

Choose From:


East Riding College Headlands School
Engineering Chemistry
Law Biology
Public Services Physics
Business History
Accounting Religious Studies
Sport French
Travel and Tourism German
Art and Fashion Sociology
Computing Psychology
Creative Media (TV & Film, Games Production. Photography)   









Entry requirements:

For entry to the combined package, you must meet the requirements of the vocational course and those of the individual A-levels you are applying for.

Differences in the way courses are assessed:

A-levels are externally assessed entirely at the end of two years of study.  BTEC Advanced study subjects carry UCAS points and are equivalent to A-levels but are more practical in content and have more coursework-based assessment.

How to apply:

Apply to either East Riding College or Headlands School, mention on your application that you wish to study under the Advanced Level Studies joint offer. You will be able to discuss the options with a tutor during your interview.