Advanced Level Courses

Now, you can pack even more into your time at College by taking an A-level and other extra qualifications alongside your principal level three vocational course, or by combining A-Levels, BTECs and other level 3 courses to suit you.

With our combined offer, you can:

  • Earn extra UCAS points to help you get into your first choice university
  • Improve your chances of getting a job by learning the skills employers look for
  • Expand your area of expertise to give yourself more options in the future
  • Earn essential A-levels to give yourself an excellent foundation for further study

For example, if you want to progress to a degree in sport science you might consider the option below, or consider including an applied science or extended project qualification. 

 Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Sport Plus A Level Psychology


Combining advanced level courses

You can also combine three advanced level courses from the following list:

 • Psychology (AS/A-Level)

• Sociology (AS/A-Level)

• English (AS/A-Level)

• Film studies (AS/A-Level)

• French (AS/A-Level)

• Spanish AS/A-Level)

• Maths (AS/A-Level)

• BTEC Applied Law (Certificate/Subsidiary Diploma)

• BTEC Applied Science (Certificate/Subsidiary Diploma)

• BTEC Construction and the Built Environment (Certificate/Subsidiary Diploma/Diploma)

• BTEC Environmental Sustainability (Certificate/Subsidiary Diploma/Diploma)

• Extended Project Qualification

 For example:

A Level Psychology plus A Level sociology plus BTEC Applied Law

Entry requirements:

For entry to the combined package, you must meet the requirements of the vocational course and those of the individual A-levels you are applying for.

Differences in the way courses are assessed:

A-levels are externally assessed entirely at the end of two years of study. The AS will still exist and carry UCAS points as a one-year stand-alone study programme option but marks obtained in an AS will not contribute to the final A-level grade. BTEC Advanced study subjects carry UCAS points and are equivalent to A-levels but are more practical in content and have more coursework-based assessment.

A-Level equivalents

The certificate award is equivalent in size to an AS level, whilst the subsidiary diploma is equivalent in size to an A-level. There will be an opportunity at the end of year one for learners to take the Extended Project Qualification as an alternative to continuing with a subject, or to take the Extended Project Qualification as an additional qualification for more UCAS points.

 How to apply:

If you want to apply for a full-time vocational course with an additional A-level, just put the name of the full-time vocational course on your application. You will be able to discuss the A-level with a tutor during your interview.