Launch of the Bridlington Youth Forum

22nd June 2006 2:35pm - Return to press releases

Students from both Bridlington and Headlands school attended the launch of the 'Your Voice' Youth Forum at East Riding College on Wednesday evening.

The aim of the Youth Forum is to develop an effective communication network that enables young people to have an input into shaping their school, community and Bridlington as a whole.  It will enable children and young people to have a say on issues that affect them and give them the chance to develop new ideas.

Representatives from both secondary schools will undertake training to represent their school and to go into primary schools to work with pupils there, thereby ensuring all children?s views are taken into consideration.  This information will then be passed onto the Bridlington Regeneration Partnership and the Bridlington and Driffield Co-ordination Group (organisations that work with children) for action.

The Forum is supported by the Children Fund and the Bridlington Regeneration Partnership and seen as an effective way to incorporate the views of young people into the regeneration of the town. Martyn Coltman, Vice Chair of the Regeneration Partnership and Head of Urban Renaissance said "This is the best news for the young people of Bridlington. I'm delighted and wish them the very best as Bridlington's Urban Renaissance is underway and those who will benefit most from a long term plan such as this, are the young ones."

For more information on the Youth Forum contact Simone Wilkinson on 01262 409596.