Different ways to study

Generally, courses can be divided into levels.  The table below shows the different levels of courses you can study at a further education college.  At East Riding College you can study courses from entry level all the way up to Masters degree (level 7).  Nearly all the courses listed in the course finder will have entry requirements (what qualifications you already need in order to take the course) and a level or description to indicate what type of course it is.  

To help you find what you need, we also divide courses into different categories.  You will see these when you use the course search. They are things like full-time, part-time, apprenticeships, higher education or distance learning.

Most courses can be categorised as full-time or part-time (indicating the amount of time you will spend being taught) and some categories indicate other modes of study such as apprenticeships (work-based training) distance learning or higher education.  Higher education differs, as although you will spend time in lectures and seminars there will often be a large amount of research and independent study.

Use the course finder to search for a subject you're interested in, then use the filter or advanced search to narrow down the right type of course and level for you. 

More about levels

Entry level is pre-GCSE level; level one is the equivalent to GCSEs grade D to G/1-3; level two is the equivalent to GCSEs grade A* to C/4-9; and level three is equivalent to A-levels. Levels four and above are higher education qualifications or their equivalents.

Size - vocational qualifications use different descriptions to describe how much there is to learn and are usually either an award (smaller), certificate (medium) or diploma (larger). 

For example:

  • Level One NVQ Certificate in Beauty Therapy
  • Level Two Diploma in Bricklaying
  • Level Three BTEC Diploma in IT

The table below gives examples of vocational qualifications at the various levels and the equivalent academic qualifications.

Image. Qualifications table.jpg 

If you need help making sense of the qualifications you're interested in, our guidance staff are happy to help. To make an appointment or request a chat on the phone, call 0345 120 0044 or email info@eastridingcollege.ac.uk